Who are you really?

Politics are a mess, and political power is even messier. How deep into this fight are we willing to go?

We all lost.

That was the headline of the New York times article put out on September 30th, the day after the presidential debate on September 29th. The premise of this article was how we as an American people lost the presidential debate, not as either Republicans or Democrats, but as people of this nation, because of our inability to choose good people as our leaders. The point wasn’t clear, besides the opinion of how stupid Trump is, and how right Biden is. Why are these the prominent opinions of today’s society? Where have these biases come from? Politics right now are a mess, we can all agree on that, and as someone who doesn’t keep up with every single thing everyone says about politics, I somehow still know the prominent opinions; Trump is stupid and we hate him, Biden will save us from Trump but is unstable, and there are also other people in the political world. Maybe.

What I want to know is the truths to back up these claims. Who has the power to push these ideas into all citizens of the US? Where and what even is political power?

Obviously, politics have something to do with our government, so political power must rest with the government.


Is that what our constitution is based on? Nope. We are a republic nation, not republican, as that has taken a whole new meaning since we split into two separate parties, but a republic. Now, when people start throwing around words like that; republic, socialist, monarchy, it sounds scary to be so vastly classified. A republic sounds very formal compared to what we are used to calling ourselves, which is a disaster. But that is the basis on what we were founded on, and we need to remember our roots in order to progress and learn as a nation. A republic is defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as; a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. There you have it; the people have the political power.

That may have been true in the beginning. That may have been true as the newly freed American colonies begged George Washington to be their president as they saw a true leader that inspired them to be better. That may have been true as the constitutional conventions took place and the brightest minds discussed what would be best for a people to not be oppressed and to live freely and with respect for those around them. But as we look around, do we see this happening? No.

There are riots everywhere for causes some people don’t know what the lasting effect will be. People are killing each other because they believe it is right and it is their right to do so. But just as fast, there are terrible debates in which people tear each other apart tooth and nail because they want to win, because they want to be first, because it’s about them, and no one else. Because we focus on ourselves, it’s what we do best.

Then, if neither government or people have power, who does? All I’ve seen and been describing is a mess. According to our constitution, political power belongs to the people. But, that doesn’t mean the people get to decide and be in charge of everything. Some people are just not morally stable, and we know this. There has to be boundaries in order for us to have true freedom. Our God given natural freedoms are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When we are not violating other people’s natural rights, only then we are truly free. That is divine law. Cicero, a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar and Academic skeptic who played an important role in the politics of the late Roman Republic, defined law as: “spread through the whole human community, unchanging and eternal, calling people to their duty by its commands and deterring them from wrongdoing by its prohibitions.” This goes right along with our constitution and declaration of independence, unsurprising, as our government was based off of ancient Greek philosophy and government, but it shows how profound law is. It exists to give us freedom, and that freedom gives us power. We have to have balance between the people, and the law, or government, in order to have true freedom, and having that, we have power.

There is definitely no balance between government and people right now. That much we can all agree on. But the power is somewhere, or else there would not be so much unrest and anger. Who is behind the government? Who is behind COVID-19 facts? What spreads information in seconds, whether it is true or not? Social media and news anchors. Any and all forms of them. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and especially Twitter, daily news reports, radio stations, and podcasts all are the biggest spaces where we have all arguments, information, and lies. There has never in the world been a time like this, where it is ok to be as mean and opinionated as possible towards other people we don’t even know. Power rests where it can be easily abused if not used correctly, and these platforms have been going down dark paths in that aspect for years now.

Reflect back on where you’ve heard the common ideas of this age: Trump is an idiot, and Biden is a savoir. Instagram? Twitter? Facebook? Radio? TV? People with big influence say things on these platforms, and we take it for truth. I believe everyone has been influenced by someone classified as a “influencer” on a social media platform, or from a reporter trying to make headlines, and because of that influence created a new opinion in their head that is not based on what they think. Political power right now rests where there can’t be balance, only chaos, and where better to find chaos than anywhere people spread their opinions.

Now is the time to step up. Do your research. Know who people really are, and know who you are and who you want to support. We need to restore this balance and understand that people aren’t perfect, but that we can work together to accomplish what we can do to help our country, constitution, and natural rights.

Who are you really?

Who do you want to become?